STACK ST8130 display

Brand STACK (UK)
Part number ST8130

Like the Grp. A8 ST185's built by TTE, my car now features a STACK display system. Instead of separate gauges I went for their multi- function race dash. The STACK ST8130 display features an analogue rev counter, combined with a digital display which shows:

Fuel + speed + ODO / trip meter, or
Oil temp. + speed + oil pressure, or
Water temp. + speed + oil pressure, or
Intake air temp. + speed + battery voltage, or
Current lap time + speed + best lap time

To display fuel level and battery voltage the display uses OEM sensors and signals. For speed, ODO and trip metering, oil temp. and pressure, water temp. intake air temp. and lap times the signals all come from STACK sensors. Besides displaying real-time data, the display records peak values and has several built-in warning features. Optional are an external shift light and data logger. Installing this display wasn't straightforward though, since the Toyota electrical diagrams, JDM SARD manual and the actual wiring loom didn't match 100%. A lot of translating and measuring was needed. A big thank you goes to wiring king Gert for his help in tackling the wiring problems during the installation.

The kit contains the display, wiring and sensor looms, sensors and switches, a manual and.. stickers!

Check out the view from the driver's seat:

What the..

Update - October 27, 2008

During my roadtrip in August 2008 somehow my STACK display broke down - the needle snapped! Thanks to the excellent customer care of STACK I could send my display to their UK HQ instead of my Japanese dealer (SARD) for repairs under warranty. They've also upgraded the face and software to 10.5k rpm since I'm planning to increase my rev range a bit in the future.

As for the reason the needle snapped, I don't know. Maybe the intense heat of the Italian sun had to do with it, after having the car parked with the windows up for a few hours? Ah well, although I suffered a bit downtime (nothing new with such a project) everything's sorted and I have a freshly calibrated display back in front of me. Thumbs up for STACK.

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