ST185 Model code explanation

The ST185 model code contains info about the chassis, engine as well as the market the model was sold on. A LHD Turbo 4wd Carlos Sainz model has the following model code:


Code Relates to Explanation
E Emission standard Japan only
S Engine model S series
T Frame model Celica
185 Car type 3S-GTE engine, 4wd
L/R* Steering wheel side Left hand drive (LHD)/right hand drive (RHD)
B Model name Celica
L Body style Liftback
M Gearbox type Manual, 5 speed
Q/V Model grade Turbo 4wd Carlos Sainz, GT-Four GrpA Rallye, GT-Four RC/GT-Four
Z Engine type Double overhead camshaft (DOHC), electronic fuel injection (EFI), forced induction
A/G/K/Q Market US/Europe/Canada/Australia, New Zealand

* H in Japanese model codes indicates a widebody shell.

Chassis number

Another code found in each car is the chassis number or vehicle identification number (VIN). It also contains information about the car and market it was sold on. A European ST185 could have the following chassis number:


Code Relates to Explanation
J Country of origin Japan
T Manufacturer Toyota
1/7 Car type Passenger car (Europe/Asia Pacific)
6 Body style Liftback
4 Number of doors 3
S Engine model S series
T Model name Celica
J Model series 18X
5 Model grade GT-Four, Turbo 4wd
00 ?
012345 Production number 12345

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