SamcoSport silicone hoses

Brand SamcoSport (UK)
Part number Various

Silicone hoses can withstand higher temps. and pressures than other rubbers. I'm currently using the following SamcoSport hoses:

Part number Part Size (mm*) Remarks
SCH80 Straight coupler 80.0 Airflow meter (AFM) to straight intake
SHL12.7 Straight hose 13.0 Positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) to oil catch tank, straight intake to catch tank and Idle speed control (ISC) valve
SR80-70 Straight reducer 80.0 > 70.0 Straight intake to turbo
STP51 T-hose 51.0 Turbo to intercooler + blow-off valve
TCS169/C Coolant set 32.0 ST185 specific coolant set, 3 pc.
VT4B-2W/3m Vacuum line 4.0 Vacuum to blow-off valve and boost controller solenoid, intercooler overflow
VT6.3B-2.5W/3m Vacuum line 6.3 Radiator overflow, boost controller solenoid to turbo
VT8B-3W/3m Vacuum line 8.0 Inlet manifold to HKS idle stabiliser

* Inner diameter (ID).

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