Ogura 409D-03T racing clutch & lightweight flywheel

Brand Ogura Clutch (ORC) (Japan)
Website Ogura-Racing.com
Part number ORC-409D-03T

Due to the lower rotational mass, the Ogura clutch causes less drivetrain losses compared to the stock Toyota setup. After installing the Ogura clutch, I noticed the car is pulling faster through its revs / gears. The revs also drop faster when changing gear, hence double clutching is needed sometimes.

The kit contains a manual, the clutch and flywheel, throw-out bearing, flywheel bolts and some stickers

The Ogura 409D clutch weighs 10.8 kg with the flywheel included. The (used) stock Toyota clutch and flywheel weighed 13.3 kg. The clutch is designed to handle up to 420 Nm. If needed, it can be upgraded to a twin or triple plate setup to handle even more torques.

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