HKS New Type-1 turbo timer

Brand HKS (Japan)
Part number 41001-AK010

When a turbo isn't cooled down properly after a drive, the oil that lubricates the center cartridge heats up and can get contaminated with oil deposits. This is known as oil coking and is the main reason of turbo failure. So a few minutes before stopping the engine, make sure you don't boost too much. In this case a turbo timer is a helpful safety device; it keeps the engine running for a while when you've taken the key out of the ignition. HKS was the first company to offer a commercially available turbo timer in 1982.

Due to positive experience with the previous model, I went for an HKS Type-1 timer again. It can be used for distance and turbo timing, display of battery voltage, engine rpm and vehicle speed. It also records peak values, has several warning functions and a stopwatch mode. Nice!

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