ACPT carbon fiber propeller shaft

Brand ACPT (USA)
Part number Unknown

ACPT is a US company which is in the carbon prop. shaft scene for over 30 years now. They make these shafts for everything, from 36 tonnes garbage trucks to dragsters. They also produce the shafts for TRUST and HKS for over 10 years now, so keeping in mind I want to use Jap parts if possible, this prop. shaft is still semi JDM. Yeah!

The original prop. weighs in at 45+ lbs (20.41+ kg) and consists of 3 parts, this one is 7.26 kg and 1 piece. That means less rotating mass and less drivetrain losses, nice! The carbon shaft has a fiberglass coating to protect it from whatever it's exposed to underneath a car. It has a 1,000 tq rating, so should be enough for a while..

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